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Pubg Maps  Concept For Beginners

Pubg Maps, As a fledgling, it’s suggested that you start with the Erangel map in PUBG. It’s the first guide in the game and it’s somewhat little and simple to explore, which makes it an extraordinary spot for you to become familiar with the essentials of the game.

PUBG maps are essential to understanding how to play successfully. Here’s an introduction to PUBG maps for beginners:


Erangel is the first map in PUBG and it is mainly made up of large land areas. Main points of interest: military base, school, Pochinki. Use terrain to hide and eliminate enemies.

Miramar is a desert map, with many hills and deserts. Main points of interest: Hacienda del Patrón, Los Leones, Pecado.


Sanhok is a smaller, denser map, perfect for quick play. Main points of interest: Bootcamp, Paradise Resort, ruins.


Vikendi is a snowy map, with towns and forest areas. Major points of interest: Castle, Cosmodrome, Dino Park.


Karakin is PUBG’s smallest map, with many destroyed buildings. Main points of interest: Al Hayik, Bashara, Hadiqah Naim.

Pubg Maps Full List Explained


Erangel was the principal map presented in PUBG, and it is motivated by Eastern European and Russian scenes. The idea spins around a post-Soviet island where 100 players are airdropped to vie for endurance. It includes a blend of metropolitan and provincial regions, giving different battle situations.

  1. Bridges: Erangel has several bridges, including two long bridges connecting the main island to the military island. These bridges are strategic control points.
  2. Military Island: Military Island, located to the south, is a major area of ​​the map with intense combat zones. It is known for its multi-story buildings and open land.

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Miramar is set in a desert environment with expansive arid landscapes and urban areas. The concept is inspired by Mexican and Southwestern American terrain. It offers a very different environment from Erangel.


In this little guide, adversaries will constantly be sneaking close by, bringing about additional speedy fights. The concept is centered around a fictional island with dense jungles, ancient ruins, and small villages.

Major PUBG Mobile Update With Sanhok Map Is Now Live | Beebom


Vikendi Est use carte enneigée, offrant un mélange de terrains ouverts et de zones urbaines. Les joueurs doivent faire attention à la neige qui ralentit les déplacements. It’s a fascinating one, sitting in the moderate size region between the more modest Sanhok and bigger Erangel and Miramar guides, and it brings a few new mechanics and key components like impressions with it, as well.


Karakin covers an area of 2 km * 2 km. There are less safe houses, and the guide is dry and loaded up with rocks. A limit of 64 players can fight it out on the guide to be the lone survivor. There is a Destruction Zone that will make irregular harm structures to push players out of their concealing space.

PUBG: Top 5 features of Karakin map

Which PUBG Map Is The Best?

Choosing the best map in PUBG ultimately depends on players’ personal preferences. Each card has its own unique characteristics that appeal to different playstyles.

Erangel: This is the classic and first PUBG map. It offers a balance between open terrain and urban areas, which suits various game strategies.

Miramar: If you like long-range combat and vast desert landscapes, Miramar might be your choice.

Sanhok: For fast action and close quarters combat, Sanhok is ideal. This is the smallest map in PUBG.

Vikendi: If you like snowy environments and snow-related challenges, Vikendi might appeal to you.

Karakin: Karakin is the smallest map with fast-paced gameplay and unique destruction possibilities.

Choosing the best card depends on your preferred play style.

Best PUBG Settings For PC

From tropical islands in Southeast Asia to frozen tundras some place in Eastern Europe, there are various conditions for players to drop into.   We should figure it out!

The best configurations (parameters) for PUBG sur PC may vary according to individual preferences and your hardware power.

Screen Resolution: Choose a resolution that matches your screen and your computer’s power. Une resolution plus élevée peut offrir une meilleure qualité d’image, mais elle peut également réduire les performances.

Graphic Quality: Adjust the graphic quality parameters according to your content. Baissez les réglages si vous avez un ordinateur moins puissant pour obtenir des performance fluides.

Mouse Sensitivity: Find a sensitivity that suits you based on your gaming style. Many gamers prefer a lower sensitivity for more precise aim.

Configuration des touches : Personnalisez vos touches pour faciliter l’accès aux actions les plus courantes. Assurez-vous que votre configuration est confortable pour vous.

Audio : Utilisez un casque de qualité pour mieux entendre les bruits du jeu, tels que les pas des ennemis. Réglez les paramètres audio pour une expérience sonore optimale.

Options de jeu : Explorez les paramètres de jeu pour activer ou désactiver des fonctionnalités comme la compensation de recul, la vision nocturne, etc.

Mode plein écran : Jouez en mode plein écran pour de meilleures performances, mais assurez-vous que votre résolution est correctement configurée.

Optimization de la carte graphic : Metis a jour regulation les pilotes de votre carte graphic indel obtenaire les malleurs performances possible.

Pubg New Map updates

Pubg Maps, From the accompanying pictures, you can perceive how PUBG zeroed in on making a few regions more open by vehicles very much as they did with the Miramar update, a component exceptionally invited by the local area.

Krafton Inc. released a new update for PUBG: Battlegrounds that includes a few fun additions, along with an update to their 2023 content roadmap. First off, players now have Normal Mode, which is essentially a place to have fun matches that don’t revolve around rank.. We have more about this update below, as you can get the details for the roadmap on their website.

PUBG: Battlegrounds



Pubg Maps, It’s the first guide in the game and it’s somewhat little and simple to explore, which makes it an extraordinary spot for you to become familiar with the essentials of the game. PUBG maps are essential to understanding how to play successfully.

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